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Lat/Long data giving zero areas


I have data in latitude and longitude and Biotas is giving me zero areas for my home range analysis. How can I fix this?

To have meaningful area output, Biotas (and LOAS) requires your data to be in a meter based projection. You may load your latitude-longitude data into Biotas or LOAS and convert to a meter based projection. Instructions below are for Biotas, but works similar in LOAS  as well.

  1. Open your data file. Set the "X Coordinate" as the Easting or Longitude value. Set the "Y Coordinate" as the Northing or Latitude value.

  2. Select the Convert File Projection option from the main menu.

  3. Select your file(s) to convert, then select the "Edit Projections" button to select the projection you will convert into.

  4. Select the projection to convert To. If your latitude-longitude data is all within one UTM zone then UTM is a good option to select, as you do not normally need to set any parameters. If your data crosses a UTM zone, then you need to pick another projection such as the Albers or Lambert projection from the "To" projection drop down list, then use the "Parameters" button to set the local parameters for the selected projection.

  5. If you want the output to be in another datum than WGS84, click on the "To" Datum List button, and select your desired datum from the datum list.

  6. Calculate the new projection.

  7. Close the projection window.

  8. Perform the Kernel analysis.